Ballard Residence

Seattle, WA


Located above the bluffs in the neighborhoods of west Ballard, this house remains a good neighbor while commanding sweeping views of the Puget Sound.


This house strives to embody the diverse interests of the family.  The composition presents a contemporary appearance, but the massing and siting of the house are respectful of neighboring houses and the scale of the street.

New Construction
Private Residence
3,025 sq ft

To negotiate the change in grade on the site, the house was designed with three levels.  The formal front door is on the lowest floor facing west, whereas the everyday entrance is on the middle level facing east.  The stairwell is an open volume, seeking to knit together the three levels.


A concrete panel material wraps the fireplace flue, acting as a rainscreen on the outside and a wall finish on the inside, encouraging a connection between the interior and exterior of the house.


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