House in Hawai’i



This new residence is designed for an active, growing family with a desire for a generational legacy home to enjoy for years to come.



Located on a steep-sloped, forested site between the ocean and mountains, the home is perched on a natural outcrop. Weather can be severe, so the house is lifted off of the ground on piers to minimize disruption of natural site flows and is protected by a single large canopy.

In Progress
Private Residence
6,500 sq ft

The layout of the home is based around a family core space which is light and open as a place for the family to come together. This core space is surrounded by solid volumes with more private functions.


The family core opens out onto a lanai (open veranda) facing the ocean, while a loft for the children above the bedrooms faces up to the mountains, taking full advantage of the mountain-to-ocean setting.


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