Parkinson’s Project



The Parkinson’s Project is a new model living environment designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Prototype Project
10,400 sq ft
12 Residential Care Units

  • Collaborators:John Shoesmith, David Fukui

Careful consideration has been taken to establish the building’s scale, proportion, layout, materials, and details to reflect a genuine home. Understanding the increasing care that the residents would require, our focus has been to deliver a place of warmth, wellness, and family.


The design strives to maximize the integration of the interior and outdoor environment. Visual and active access were provided to achieve this goal. A strong connection to the outdoors for the residents was a major guiding factor as the design developed.


The ultimate objective is to create a new model for residents in prolonging independence, improving socialization, and promoting a sense of dignity and well being with positive outcomes. We are excited about continuing the development of the design for this nonprofit client.


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