Nordstrom Rack 1700 Chestnut

Philadelphia, PA


Originally built for the Bonwit Teller department store in 1927, the historic stone-clad building in the downtown core of Philadelphia is home to a Nordstrom Rack retail space.

Commercial T.I.
Retail Project
33,200 sq ft

  • Client:Nordstrom
  • Photography:Jim Carpenter and Grant Linden, Nordstrom

The Nordstrom Rack store occupies four, 10,000 square foot floors within the building. All new systems were provided including lighting, power, HVAC and fire protection to replace outdated equipment.


Restoration of the original building’s shell was done to maintain its historic architectural character while contemporary elements were added to distinguish and promote the Nordstrom Rack brand and shopping experience.


A new monumental stair, designed to encourage customers to access the upper floors, also provided a space for a large “billboard” displaying retail graphics.


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