Magnuson Park Crew Quarters

Seattle, WA


Set on the edge of wetlands in Magnuson Park, the Crew Quarters project re-purposes a former naval packaging store to a facility for the Seattle Parks and Recreation maintenance crews.


A trellis extension emphasizes the entry of the building and its existing shape. Wood slats act as a translucent building façade to soften its industrial appearance.

Adaptive Re-use
4,200 sf ft

  • Client:Seattle Parks and Recreation
  • Landscape Architect:The Berger Partnership

The new use required an overlapping of public space with the maintenance crews’ areas. The building is designed to house a community gathering space, crew offices, and storage for tools.


An exposed bent frame structure provides an existing framework used to organize the interior space. The required spaces are housed in wooden “boxes” that pull away from the metal building shell as floating elements.


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