Business Air Lounge

Seattle, WA


Business Air is a full-service private aircraft charter and management company with a desire to bring back the days of prestigious and romantic air travel.

Commercial T.I.
Runway/Concierge Lounge, Media Room, Conference, and Offices
3,945 sq ft

  • Client:Business Air / High Plateau Ventures
  • Interior Design:Jason Dallas Design
  • Photography:Aaron Leitz Photography

Brand identity and reinforcing Business Air’s vision for a first-class travel experience was the primary goal in the redesign of the space. The team made an early decision to expose the structure and emphasize the circulation path from the entry to the lounge.


Subtle references to air travel were incorporated in the design, including an exterior ‘wing’ wall and a pixelated cloud graphic on the interior. Material choice and construction details are intended to set the stage for the company’s identity and goal to provide a ‘best-in-class’ flying experience.


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