Kubota Garden Overlook Terrace

Seattle, WA


Carved into a sloping hillside, an overlook structure connects the upper terrace with views to the main entry gate and pond.

Overlook Terrace
Stone Rampart Wall, Overlook Structure, and Site Design
750 sq ft

  • Client:Kubota Garden Foundation
  • Stone Masons:Awata Family
  • Guard Railing Design:Gerard Tsutakawa

The stone base uses a gravity wall system, constructed by Japanese master stonemasons during the Rock, People, Chisel Workshop, using a traditional method of splitting large granite stones. The weight of the stone work is balanced with gentle curves of weathering steel, creating a guard railing.


A wooden shelter brings lightness to contrast with the heaviness of the stone base while offering shade as well as a backdrop for special ceremonies, weddings, and events.


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