Northwest Residence

Pacific Northwest


An original Roland Terry house is rebuilt and reimagined from the ground up to capture the essence of its mid-century design with an emphasis on natural materials, new technologies, and integration with the site.


Located on a 2-acre site, the original house location is maintained and nestled into the mature landscape. A butterfly roof is introduced to capture more light from the east and enhance views to the west. While the overall footprint is expanded to include new auxiliary structures, all roof forms are thoughtfully organized to respond to the site and minimize scale.

New Construction
Private Residence
10,000 sq ft

  • Section Drawing:Roland Terry courtesy of UW Collections & Archives
  • Photography:Rafael Soldi
  • 3D Illustration:Steve Shohl
  • Kim Keever photograph:Winston Wachter

The heavy timber structure supports the roof form and salvaged tongue + groove fir from the original house is used as ceiling cladding, warming the interior spaces.


Maximum spans of glass and minimal lighting profiles keep all eyes focused on the natural finishes and surrounding landscape.


A custom carport with a solar panel and cedar slat roof hints at the juxtaposition of natural materials and modern systems (technologies) that occur throughout the house.


Mid-century materials and patterns were reinterpreted with changes to scale, color and orientation. Light fixtures from the original house were refurbished and reused where possible to preserve a connection to the past.


Local stone clads the fireplace and primary walls which are expressed on both the interior and outside anchoring the house into the site.


Built-in casework is a nod to the original design and maximizes storage.


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