Uwajimaya Seattle Store Remodel

Seattle, WA


Located in Seattle’s International District since 1928, Uwajimaya’s current flagship store was completely redesigned to reflect Seattle’s expanding urban core while still honoring their legacy of quality and traditional pan-Asian food and culture.


A new main entrance directs shoppers along a primary spine of core grocery departments, leading to an energetic streetscape of small, curated shops inspired by traditional, outdoor Asian marketplaces.

Commercial T.I.
Retail Project
60,000 sq ft

  • Store Planning:Cushing Terrell
  • Photography:Kevin Scott

The store’s primary Produce, Meat and Seafood departments were fully reimagined and updated with new mechanical, refrigeration and electrical systems.


A new Sashimi island was designed to feature high quality, specialty product only available at Uwajimaya.


Small specialty shops showcasing curated selections of pan-Asian BBQ, beverages, snacks, housewares and beauty products were arranged as an energetic streetscape within the store and into the adjacent Food Hall to create an experience of ease, discovery and delight for long-standing and new customers alike.


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