Pura Vida Floating Home

Seattle, WA


The waters of Portage Bay provide the backdrop to an ever-changing dynamic of lake life as well as a serene connection to nature.


This is a responsive design that allows the owners to adapt to both environmental and social conditions.


This floating home is based on the Costa Rican philosophy of Pura Vida — Pure Life.

New Construction
Private Residence
1,780 sq ft | Floating Home
820 sqft | Decks

  • Photography:Andrew Giammarco

No worries… cherishing simple pleasures… spending time with loved ones… enjoying a relaxed pace of life and remembering what is most important.


A glass, waterfront pavilion that defines the public spaces can either open on 3 sides for unobstructed lake access or utilize sliding slat screens and solar shades to become a secluded retreat.


The 2-story, shoreside volume that encompasses the private zones can provide a quiet space for two or allow access to a rooftop deck for large gatherings and expansive views of the lake.


A cozy library with custom casework and a double-height stairwell capped by an expansive skylight provides ample opportunity to display art and collectibles.


The spacious bedroom suite offers a quiet place for reflection with curated views of nature and abundant natural light. A simple mix of woods, stone, glass and resin mimic the lakeside palette.


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